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Reservations are suggested as tours are based on availability of volunteer docents. Other tours may be arranged upon request. Call (808) 522 7066 for information.. Thomas Wistar Jr. (1798 1876), Abington Township, Montgomery County: Wister was a Philadelphia Quaker who served for nearly 40 years as a recurrent Indian commissioner during the administrations of 7 presidents, from Zachary Taylor to Ulysses S. Grant.

But, oh, nobody were friends back then. Ends a fantastic interview really, read the whole thing with, tired of biting my tongue. There a new sheriff in town. I admire Boras’ fervor to protect player rights. And the players do have rights. Yet, I also believe the March 26 agreement states that if games are played without paying fans then another negotiation about player compensation needs to be had.

When doing Ranked Choice if you have just a few candidates your ballot looks like this. But if you have more candidates your ballot starts getting complicated and looks like this. And it just gets exponentially worse with each new candidate. I say neighborhood, but what I really am referring to are the shopping centers that service the neighborhood. When my home was new, and houses were still being built close by, Brewers Blackbirds would hang around the construction sites to modestly beseech the workers for handouts. When I first arrived in my home I put a feeder in the backyard, which caused the Brewers to line up on my fence by the dozens to patiently await their turn at the seed trough.

On Sunday, President Trump, ever the optimist, tweeted that coronavirus “Cases, numbers and deaths are going down all over the Country!”Two days later, both and the New York Times reported that new daily cases of COVID 19 which have been falling for weeks, both nationally and in the hardest hit metropolitan areas suddenly and simultaneously started to rise in more than a dozen states.The Times counted 14 states where the rolling seven day average of new infections has climbed over the last two weeks.Narrowing the timeframe and focusing on the total weekly case count, found that 20 states reported an increase in new infections during the week ending May 24, up from 13 states the week before.Most of the affected states were among the first to reopen in late April or early May: Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia. In others Arkansas, North Dakota, Oklahoma statewide stay at home orders were never issued, but businesses that had been closed began reopening around the same time.A sign indicates new social distancing rules at a public beach in Dauphin Island, Ala., on May 1. (Maranie Staab/Bloomberg via Getty Images)So while Trump touts the good news from 30,000 feet, is a second wave beginning to build just below the surface?For months, epidemiologists have been warning of the risks of reopening too soon.

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