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The past few days it has been 70+ degrees here in Austin. So nice to feel spring weather! Some of us are only a few weeks away! Green grass and flowers will pop up soon! I cannot wait. So I was thinking of a trip I had to Japan in April a while back.

If anyone knows anything about it pls let me know. I have looked every place for information. Thank you. For the Brinn family, the procedure can’t come soon enough. Weslee has round the clock nursing care, a suction machine, an oxygen tank and a biPAP device to give his lungs a break while he sleeps. He’s on a slew of medications, receives daily growth hormone injections and has a feeding tube..

Leviticus, or “info about the Levites” gave instructions for how the Levites were to lead the people in worship, and how the people were to worship and obey God. Numbers literally was a “census of the Israelites” according to Numbers 1:2. Deuteronomy or “second law”, refers to the rules for living that God reissued to the people after they had disobeyed the first time in not having complete trust in Him..

The number has fallen steadily since hitting a record 6.867 million in late March, but have not registered below 2 million since mid March. State governors have requested $500 billion to help cover public health expenses and lost tax revenues, underscoring the devastating impact of COVID 19 on the economy. Jobs and also disclosing it planned “several thousand remaining layoffs” in the next few months..

The biggest dig I’ve been on (financially, at least) was in Inner Mongolia in 1988. It was very interesting because it was the first collaboration between Western and Eastern scientists to find dinosaurs. We followed Roy Chapman Andrews’ maps from the 1920s; we had to find where he was before finding dinosaurs.

Nearly two years ago, the Washington Supreme Court ruled that the state is not fulfilling its constitutional duty to pay for basic education and is relying too much on school districts to raise extra dollars through local levies. The justices want to see the Legislature pay for previously adopted education reforms and proof of yearly progress toward completing the work by 2018. Inslee’s budget office has estimated those costs at about $5 billion over the next few years..

This picture of the Cypress Trees is from Cypress Gardens park in Orlando. As I am going through my pictures it was not a bad choice to check this park out. A few nice pictures from here to these Cypress Trees. As if this weren’t bad enough, there are two more charges to levy against Sea Rex. First, the talking heads for the documentary are not the living scientists consulted for the program but are, like Cuvier, actors portraying real scientists in this case, living ones. This is confirmed not only by the credits, but by a quick Google image search comparing the real scientists to those that appear on screen.

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