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These pages grew out of an original project to celebrate 150 years of the Geologists’ Association and 200 years of the Geological Society. To this end I began collecting postcards, magic lantern slides, etchings and whatever else I could obtain on the subject of the WHS coastline. [continues]This is the major source of onshore seismic data for the UK, including that of the Wessex Coast area, suc as Devon, Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight..

“My husband said, ‘Your salary has to go into the savings account for our first house.’ I didn’t even have any money to buy lipstick. One day I saw this really sexy black dress I just had to buy, so I bought it and hid it under the bed. I thought, ‘How am I going to pay for this?’ I decided I needed a part time job, so I went into real estate.”.

In the 18th century people practice “linen based” cleanliness they didn wash their bodies frequently (faces and hands were washed daily and perhaps a more extensive sponge bath once a week) and couldn wash outer clothing made of wool or silk. However they COULD, and DID wash their underclothing, made of linen. Women wore “shifts” which are slips that cover from elbow to knee, and men wore shirts that were long enough to tuck between their legs as underwear.

The single nest was destroyed. Hornet traps were placed throughout the area and pest alert notices were distributed. So being on the alert for the hornets is the first step to finding the nest.”Normally found in the forests and low mountains of eastern and southeast Asia, it remains unclear how the giant hornets arrived in North America.”Even under the best of circumstances, there so few of them around, this is kind of like looking for a needle in a haystack,” van Westendorp said from Abbotsford.

Former Nets All Star Jayson Williams killed his limo driver with an accidental shotgun blast in 2002, and he continues to feel the lonely, alcoholic aftershocks and is haunted by that night. Time you accidentally take a life of somebody, definitely, sleep deprivation, everything comes. Take something from a man, everything he has and everything he would have, is terrible, and I not the victim here, Williams said on a recent Vice Sports podcast.

Dr Matthew Whalley, Honorary Research Fellow at UCL, says: “Nitrous oxide is one of the most widely used yet least well understood anaesthetic gases and until recently, relatively little was known about how it worked inside the body. Recent research has shown that nitrous oxide, like ketamine, acts as an antagonist at glutamatergic N methyld aspartate (NMDA) receptors which are found throughout the brain. A brain wide excitation of these receptors might be responsible for the laughing gas induced increase in imagery vividness found in the study.

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