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It means fostering a child or helping your neighbor. It means supporting your employer with productivity rather than squandering your time. It means making diet and exercise a bigger priority than your vices. The 31 year old left arm paceman will make the step up to the national Twenty20 competition after catching the eye of Strikers coach Darren Berry. “Ben really impressed me a couple of weeks ago when we were in Sydney for the Ryobi Cup,” Berry said. “I phoned him up to see if we could fly him up to Sydney so he could train with us one day so we could have another look.

The emotionally charged story unfolds at a slow yet efficient pace. Never do you feel rushed or hurried. Along the way there are even benches where you can plop the boys down to just gaze out over the gorgeous landscapes and underground labyrinths. John the Baptist who was put in prison sends disciples to make sure that Jesus is the Messiah. Jesus compares John the Baptist to Elijah. Jesus pronounces woes on unrepentant cities.

But as the economy becomes ever more symbol driven, these expedients are unlikely to remain sufficient. It would seem that unless science can find an effective way of increasing human intelligence across the board, with all the unpredictable results that would bring about (including no doubt ever higher levels of cybercrime), the liberal democratic model will perforce follow the bellwether universities into an ever higher level of thought control, and ultimately of tyrannical victimocracy. At which point the “final conflict” will indeed be engaged, perhaps with nuclear weapons, between the self flagellating victimary West and a backward but determined Third World animated by Islamic resentmentBut is the China model exclusive to China? Can we not, in a moment of humility, study the China model, and the way it retrieves ancient Chinese traditions from the wreckage of communism? And, in a renewal of characteristic Western pride, adapt and improve upon the Chinese model? This would require a return to school regarding our own traditions, subjecting them to an unrestrained scrutiny that even its most stringent critics (Marx, Freud, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Derrida) could never have imagined.

Now, hearing the words read back to him, asked if such violence exists in him, Sweeting says from his Miami home, “I know I can’t go out there and retaliate against this man. I’d really be letting him win if I did that. So I expressed myself the way I know how through my art.

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