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“We answered the demands of the world’s best riders with unbeatable optical technology, then we let them sit in the designer’s chair so each one could add his own personal touch,” said Oakley CEO Colin Baden. “Oakley Radar and Jawbone are coveted designs among today’s world class cyclists, and these sunglasses exemplify our dedication to providing the best possible performance and protection.”Baden continued, “With the Oakley Custom Program, riders can tailor performance to the environment by selecting lenses that will match light conditions they will face during the tour. They can choose hues for frame components and salute their team colors or express their ownunique style, and they can even add engraving to the lenses.

So, we can see that this is an appropriately Self focused period, one where we are taking our own measure, assessing just how, where, and how well we fit into the social order that means that dating at this time won really be about the other person, but about fulfilling our own needs. That sounds harsh, and it not like we can fall in love at this time; it just that we are much more likely to spend our time seeking partners or others who will help us fulfill our own aims. The more conscious we are of those aims, of course, the more deliberate our decisions, and the more likely we are to fulfill our Saturnian needs for status, security, and order (and we all have these, know it or not)..

He walked to the edge of town and found a liquor store with a young woman behind the counter. He handed her a note he’d written earlier, ” This is a hold up, and I have a gun in my pocket and it’s pointing straight at you. ” The young woman quickly raised her hand’s, telling him, ” Please take what you want.

Dust yourself off, learn what went wrong, and adapt to the experience. You will fail; it’s not a matter of if, but when. Don’t fear it; embrace it.. This kind of surface level pretty might make you suspicious of what else is going on. The whole enterprise is ruthlessly on trend. There’s a baroque breakfast sandwich, a minimalist cacti mural, quinoa oatmeal, and cold brew for days.

Walsh, Markey’s campaign manager, said the campaign had focused its organizing muscle on winning as many local caucuses and pledged delegates as it could, keen to secure the party’s endorsement at the May 31 convention. And the Markey team was successful, winning what it says was more than 70 percent of the committed delegates at the caucuses that did take place (the Kennedy team disputes this number). As part of an agreement to cancel the convention, the Kennedy campaign agreed to stipulate that Markey wins the nod from the state party.”It was a deliberate strategy,” he said of emphasizing caucuses over signatures.

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