Oakley Switchblade Golf Divot Tool

One of the most comforting things you can pull out of the oven is a pan of rich brownies, and Lisa Dawn Angerame has an unusual one in “” ($21.99; Page Street Publishing Co.; 192 pages). For her Crackly Brownies, the rich chocolate flavor doesn’t come from cocoa powder, as it does in most recipes. Instead, melted semisweet chocolate chips are mixed into the batter, which deepens their intensity..

Would we be as nonchalant about public surveillance cameras if the people watching the feeds were standing right next to us?Here’s where Glass wearers would (rightly) correct me: Unlike surveillance cameras, Glass isn’t recording all the time, and it’s fairly obvious when it is. So not only is Glass much less of a part of the “surveillance state” than it’s sometimes made out to be, but it’s actually a lot more transparent to the subject than almost any other kind of recording device, including cellphones (and this thing).”The way that i see it, at least in my experience using Glass, it’s not a device that you constantly have on record,” says Slocum. “You’re not just walking around with a constant feed.

“We weren’t interested in the personalities so much,” says Michael Apted, who was a researcher on the original episode and has directed all the subsequent ones. “We needed children . Who weren’t fazed by us, who could speak to us, but we weren’t looking for any particular characteristics.

In his new book, Halpern takes a dive into the underworld of the debt collection industry, where having a criminal background is no barrier to entry and may sometimes be useful. He writes of a world in which batches of old, uncollected debts may be sold again and again to collection agencies and may end up being worked by two companies simultaneously. Jake Halpern is a contributor to The New Yorker and The New York Times magazine.

About Mount Saint Vincent UniversityRecognized as a leader in distance and experiential learning, and based on a strong tradition of social responsibility, Mount Saint Vincent University takes a personalized approach to education to nurture socially responsible global citizens. Founded in 1873, the Mount has been nationally recognized for having one of the lowest student to professor ratios, for providing students early access to valuable research opportunities, for its legacy in the advancement of women, and for facilitating critical advancements in food security, healthy aging, literacy, and childhood development. Members work to maintain the highest standards and to share a uniquely Canadian experience in public relations.

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