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Did you know we are losing the same amount of species today that we did during the Cretaceous mass extinction that killed the dinosaurs? Biologists believe that in as little as 30 years we may have already lost one fifth of the animals that live on the earth today. In another 100 years as much as 50% of the earth and ocean’s life could have been permanently decimated. This is the one environmental issue that is of higher importance than any other environmental issue as it is global, it is rapid, and it is now.

On Facebook, an account with the same name posted in a group dedicated to the rally that “As far as what happened at the rally I take full responsibility for everything.”Beshear addressed the effigy hanging during his Tuesday press conference, calling for unity and criticizing the group of protesters who brought a demand that he resign to the door of the Governor’s Mansion. He said they were chanting “on the other side of the glass from where I raise my kids” and that it was “an action intended to use fear to get their way.”A man wearing a Three Percenters T shirt helps hang an effigy of Gov. Andy Beshear at a Patriot Day/2nd Amdendment rally Sunday afternoon at the state capitol in Frankfort.

He also presented a little army of RealSense equipped Firefly drones that could see objects and each other and use that motion capture information (and not GPS) to autonomously navigate their world. At one point Krzanich had a Firefly drone self navigate through a large fake city built adjacent to the stage. The drone made it through without a hitch..

Lululemon Athletica Inc. Looks a lot like Under Armour Inc. Did a year ago: It has a great brand and strong demand trends, but also plenty of challenges, says Canaccord Genuity analyst Camilo Lyon.The challenges include supply chain issues that are disrupting product availability, competitive pressures that appear to be intensifying, a turnover in senior management, and a reduction in second half guidance.At Under Armour, once these issues were resolved, sales growth picked up and its shares recovered.

Mystical element of hairThe hair is an electromagnetic sensor (receptor) that is inanimate (like a TV antennae). However it is able to heal itself just like the skin or any other organs. Scientist do not why your grows back when you cut it. That all changed as first Chris Prescott (2 61), then Luke Ryan (1 45), combined to take 3 1 to leave Wests/UC on shaky ground. Prescott who had taken a remarkable 23 wickets in his past two games picked up Darren Richards (15) and Nick Polhill (0) in successive balls before Ryan clean bowled Beau McClintock for one. Condon and Hewitt steadied the ship with a terrific 172 run partnership to take the game out of Tuggeranong grasp.

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