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Still, Buckles and Hungerman caution that their work should be considered “a complement, not a substitute” to previous explanations, such as the effects of school attendance laws or natal exposure to flu. “Low SES individuals” that’s socioeconomic status, folks “may be more exposed to temperature extremes.” This is science paper speak for “they tend not to have air conditioning.” Sperm counts aside, anyone who has ever endured August without air conditioning can tell you that being sticky, sweaty and irritable doesn’t make you want to get it on. Another possibility is that “high SES women” are, for reasons that go unstated in the paper more education? greater economic resources? better access to birth control? more successful at planning the timing of their conception and birth.

In addition to everyone testifying that she seemed to be a loving mother, this testimony about how Casey seemed to have very little interest in partying was a big part of Casey acquittal. There such a big disconnect between the evidence the jury heard and how the evidence was being presented to us. I think the big lesson we need to take away from this case is that the media isn in the business of making sure we have the full objective truth about any given situation, they in the business of sales and what sells is sensationalism.

But there is no doubt that even when the workload is high, the Scenic team really love their work and pantomimes give them the chance to see their work in all its glory. Jay said: “The sets are illustrative. With a lot of other shows, you are looking for realism but with pantomime, anything goes.”.

The problem with that was, it becomes too difficult to visualize exactly how much distance “a car length” is, (let alone multiple car lengths). Plus, as years went on, cars began to be smaller, so the effective safety margin was also reduced. Maybe smaller, lighter cars can stop in a shorter distance, but the problem remains that there are many different sizes of cars on the road.

GARLAND, Texas, Dec. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) has acquired Pikewerks Corporation, a privately held company, to further extend Raytheon’s capabilities to defend against sophisticated cybersecurity threats facing customers in the intelligence community, Department of Defense and commercial organizations. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Located in one of America best cities to live, work and learn, the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) is Nebraska premier metropolitan university. With more than 15,000 students enrolled in 200 plus programs of study, UNO is recognized nationally for its online education, graduate education, military friendliness and community engagement efforts. Founded in 1908, UNO has served learners of all backgrounds for more than 100 years and is dedicated to another century of excellence both in the classroom and in the community..

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