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“Major employers are demanding local laws with equal rights protections because they understand that it’s harder for them to do business in a place with a reputation for intolerance,” Pollitzer said. “And tourism is a multi billion dollar business in South Florida. [The index] is a yardstick for LGBT people planning their vacations and wondering, ‘How friendly is this place?'”..

Coakley is also leading in preliminary polls: In a way, the power of name recognition no matter the reasons behind it could work to her advantage. Pollster David Paleologos found that Coakley fared better against the likely GOP nominee, Charles Baker, during a statewide survey of 500 voters, which was taken this summer before Coakley had officially announced her candidacy. The survey showedCoakley earned a 56 percent favorability rating, statistically tied with Brown and Gov.

Betty was a lifelong resident of Niagara on the Lake. Doug and Betty celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary on Friday, June 12th. Betty was a devoted member of St. Already, you could foresee a backlash. American voters did not feel comfortable with the wealthiest among us having the loudest voice and the ability to shape politics. That gave me some insight into President Trump’s election, because he was so able to tap into that sense of disenfranchisement..

YouTube, in recent years, has had its problems despite growing numbers. As Hollywood Reporter noted, “YouTube has come under fire for promoting fake news, allowing exploitative children’s content into its YouTube Kids app and not responding quickly enough to punish Logan Paul, one of its top stars, for posting a video featuring the dead body of a suicide victim. YouTube may hold the key to reaching young, influential consumers, but brands have been forced to ask whether they’re willing to risk seeing their ads alongside less than savory videos to reach that coveted cohort.”.

I realized a while ago that if you have an interests in a subject strong enough to keep you reading and working through a textbook, you can learn anything to a high level because hiding in the pages of a college textbook is the knowledge of many decades of human discovery, engineering, and passion as well hundreds of hours of hours of lecturing, teaching, and even tests (assuming you buy the answer manual). Almost any college course you ever take will be a watered down, rushed meander through a couple chapters in a textbook. Granted for what I trying to do, I will hire a person with a degree to “head up” my labs for outside credibility sake..

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