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Massachusetts was never going to vote as a state for Donald Trump that would really have been quite the turnaround, and actually Hillary Clinton won by a bigger margin here in 2016 than Barack Obama did in 2012. However, what is remarkable is that pockets of this blue state did like the message that Trump was selling. A great number of Irish Americans liked what he was selling..

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For a celebratory shrine on a special occasion, usually the opposite applies you want to make it grand, you want to do it up in a big way. Think of it as throwing a party, and your deities (or perhaps some other spirits, or even your ancestors) are the guests of honor. This is a great way to have a very festive and meaningful celebration; it’s what separates an ordinary day from a holy day..

But that not other services ask for. Tailorstore asks for either common t shirt size, 2 3 measurements, or if you actually want a fitted shirts, you provide: neck, chest, waist, hip, seat, shirt length, shoulder width, arm length, wrist. Maybe it works, maybe not.

However white working class tend to perform similarly if not lower than ethnic minorities suggesting that the cause of education underachievement is a mixture of culture and classThe reasons for ethnic differences can be internal (factors within the school) or external (factors outside the education system). The external factors tend to be cultural deprivation, material deprovation and racismCultural deprivation theorists argue that underachievement is a result of inadequate socialisation in the home. One major factor being the lack of intellectual and linguistic skills being taught to their children, in addition ethnic children are less likely to engage in activities that are intellectually enriching leaving these students poorly equipped for school.In addition the language spoken by ethnic families tend to be inadequate for educational success as it tends to be ungrammatical which acts as a barrier to educational success.

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