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And finally back to the love of my life. No, not racing. Sherry, babe, I love you and thank you for the change you caused in my life. Most of us wear eye protection but what kind? A pair of everyday sunglasses will keep that bee from giving you a shiner but eye protection should be more than that. Whether you like goggles or sunglasses, dedicated motorcycle eye wear will keep the dust and wind out of your eyes. While UV protection is great, I find polarized eye wear gives you much better visibility in all conditions.

In a very out of place about face, it has emerged that Google is about to make its first foray into the realm of consumer electronics. It isn an Android phone, Google TV, or Chromebook, however no, Google first in house device will be a home entertainment system. At the time we assumed that Tungsten was a prototype device for an OEM (like Logitech or Sony) to work from, but according to The Wall Street Journal it going to become a bona fide, Google designed and marketed consumer electronics device that will be launched later this year..

Still, they had that moment and are able to look back on it from time to time and remember how special they truly are. For every being that has been mistreated just because they don’t fit into society’s preconceived notion of beauty and for all of bullies who can’t look beyond the tip of their nose, this poem is a necessary read. Simply put, Chesterton’s words are a timeless reminder to never give up even when life is at its darkest because our moment of greatness could be just around the corner and it would be a shame to miss it..

To his own career, Stew residency packs in extra content wherever possible. His free Monday series, and Friends, brings in 12 world class performers, all of whom blend multiple artistic streams. In essence, the residency has now become 13 for the price of one..

I can overlook the Pagans being villains. Someone is always the villain in fiction, it doesn’t (or at least it shouldn’t) reflect on the same type of people in society. Another favorite horror movie of mine Stephen King’s Carrie has an evangelical Christian as the insane villain, and I find it silly to think that Christians would protest this movie.

Smith’s sophomoric antics, both on and off the court, have been a constant throughout his career. In Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals, Smith famously forgot the score during the closing seconds of regulation during the Cavaliers 124 114 overtime loss to the Warriors. With the score tied, Smith grabbed an offensive rebound and dribbled the ball out as time expired instead of trying to score.

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