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The iconic singer actress model will command the stage on Saturday, June 29. “I couldn’t be more excited to perform in front of my LGBTQIA+ friends and the community that’s supported me for so many years during WorldPride 2019 Stonewall 50,” Jones said in a statement announcing her involvement. “Saturday’s Pride Island lineup will be a celebration of everything that the community stands for and will go down in illustrious history.” Sunday’s headliner has yet to be announced, though rumors are bubbling that it might be another iconic performer on this list.

Into The Woods is a 1987 Stephen Sondheim musical that we’d now call a mashup: A baker and his wife want a child. The little girl in a red hood who lifts pies from their shop lives next to a witch who once kidnapped the baker’s baby sister, whom she now keeps locked in a tower. But she’ll reverse a curse on the baker and his wife if they can find a white cow, a red cape, long blond hair, and a gold slipper: Jack and the Beanstalk meets Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Cinderella..

I don’t,” Johnson said. “But guess what? It’s gonna happen if this fool does not get life in jail.”8 minutes, 46 seconds and ‘inherently dangerous’: What’s in the criminal complaint in the George Floyd casePamela Oliver, a sociology expert from the University of Wisconsin Madison specializing in protests, said politicians sometimes blame outsiders for causing trouble as a way of pretending there’s no real problem within a community. That’s not what’s happening here, she said: Political leaders acknowledge Floyd’s death focused sharp attention on longstanding problems.Instead, she said, many Minneapolis residents may see rioting and destruction as a legitimate way to push back on police repression.”When the police aggressively punish peaceful protest by firing rubber bullets and tear gas, the protesters often escalate their tactics.

In TLS_RSA the RSA key is used directly for key establishment. Thus when you use TLS_DHE_RSA, your security levels may be limited by the weakest link mechanism that you rely on for security, which could conceivably be the DH exchange, depending on other features of your configuration and environment. A number of folks have been aware of that particular problem to some extent for a while and even discussed it at, for instance, the IETF TLS working group, but this paper takes things considerably further and makes the problems really concrete.)Edit: upthread you can find a link to pbsd and AlyssaRowan discussing forms of the problem half a year ago, including the fact that you can get less security from weak DH parameters than you would have gotten from strong RSA parameters, despite the presence of forward secrecy.

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