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When in 1972 either Richard Nixon or Henry Kissinger asked Chinese premier Zhou Enlai about the effects of the French Revolution, his response is too early to tell became one of the most famous quotations of the 20th century. Translator swears, Zhou thought he was answering a question about the French student uprisings of 1968, just a few years earlier. About them it really was too early too tell.

4. The Bible/Qu’ran/Torah/Other Religious Texts are very oldA lot of people argue that because the text that their religion is based on is very old, it somehow makes it more believable than if it wasn’t. I don’t understand this logic because when it comes to all other knowledge: cars, medicine and laws for example, being antiquated works against those things.

Turning suddenly to try to get a look at the back wheels turning merrily, he jostled the vehicle off its supports. Hitting the floor, “the car made a wild dash for the side of the barn,” smashing through the wall into the barnyard. The boy escaped with bruises and the car needed repairs, but the barn looked like it had “a mild flirtation with a husky young Kansas cyclone,” reported a Bangor Daily News reporter on April 1..

Lawrence police said it was the first recorded Narcan save in Mercer County with Narcan kits provided widely to police. Tyler Smith was awarded a Civilian Commendation and Dalle Pazze and Police Officer Kelly Longo were awarded Life Saving Awards for their efforts in saving the life of Etienna Perold on a squash court at the Lawrenceville School. Smith witnessed Perold collapse and began CPR.

We got in a good rhythm and those were rotation types of 3s. Won in Portland for the first time since Dec. 12, 2012.. While NASA had urged spectators to stay home Wednesday because of the pandemic, prime viewing spots at area parks and beaches were packed. A weekend launch could draw even bigger crowds. The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex reopened Thursday, after a 2 1/2 month shutdown, and within a few hours, all 4,000 tickets were snapped up for Saturday’s launch attempt..

Right now, merchants from small businesses all the way to the largest companies in the world are finalizing their strategies for the holidays. They’re thinking about how many MP3 players to keep in stock and how to get feet in the door, and which demographics they should be targeting once the doors fly open on Black Friday. But maybe this year, the smart merchants will think back to the 1990s to the birth of e commerce and decide to act on the opportunity that mobile commerce opens up, and to change the relationship with their customers once again.

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