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The Washington State ColiseumThe World of Tomorrow exhibit at the Seattle World’s Fair was housed in the Washington State Coliseum building, shown in this photo while under construction. The “Bubbleator” elevator took visitors to up through a cloud of 3,662 aluminum cubes to the second floor where the exhibits mixed both the threats and the potential of the future. One of the more grim displays featured a family living in a fallout shelter while the more optimistic possibilities were high tech office equipment of the future and numerous time saving household conveniences..

In a photographic print attributed by William Frassanito to Peter S. Weaver (see detail, below) there can be seen a camera operated by a man seated on top of a tall folding step ladderfacing towards the grandstand (boxed in red). He either was perched on some sort of a modified seat affixed to the ladder or possibly on what may be planking (the “Ladder Photographer”).

“The breadth of work in these special issues and sections speaks to how modern plant biology pulls from across these disciplines,” said Dr. Katy Heath, Associate Professor of Plant Biology at the University of Illinois, and one of the editors of the AJB special issue. For example, “Understanding how plants will respond to future climate change takes an interdisciplinary approach that learns from the past (paleoecology, palynology, evolution) and the present (physiology, ecology, genetics).”.

Miranda Sings is an intentionally off putting character, a satire of the countless YouTube wannabes, lacking in talent, but not in ego, who had infected the streaming site. She sings off key, has her own unique way of saying just about everything, and is defiantly self righteous. And she’s made the woman who brought her to life, comedian Colleen Ballinger, one of YouTube’s biggest success stories.

The Columbine guns were stupidly phallic protests cruel, abortive, self destructive acts by bourgeois screw ups who hated their meaningless lives, namby pamby school and indulgent, affluent parents and who should long ago have been kicked out on their asses to fend for themselves and learn a few things about life. It’s time to end the high school stockyard tyranny. Let the puberty brats go at 14, and throw open the educational doors to returning adults.

Know the (Greater Toronto Area) is the main hot spot that is close to us right now, Moore said. You go there and you coming back and you going to be going back to a work environment, those are the individuals we would like to get tested, just for the small percentage of people that could be pre symptomatic, or very limited symptoms. All of this, Moore said the everyday person should not be getting tested more than necessary..

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